Museum of Slavonia is a national museum, the largest general museum and one of the oldest museums in the Republic of Croatia.

Museum collections include about 500 thousand items arranged in over 160 museum collections of historical, archaeological, ethnological, technical, scientific, and artistic significance. The largest museum library in the Republic of Croatia is a part of the Museum.

Museum of Slavonia is located in the old Baroque core of the City of Osijek – Tvrđa. Today the exhibition spaces are located in the two buildings on the Holy Trinity Square (Trg Svetog Trojstva), in the Main Guard building and the Magistrate building.


Main Guard building

The Main Guard building was built in the central part of the Holy Trinity Square. It was built in 1728 – 1729 as a single storey building with multiple wings. The arcades on the ground floor open it towards the square, and a «thick» bell tower with a terrace rises in the centre of the building facade. Its massive nature and a watchtower with a Moorish-Venetian style dome are evidence that it was used as a military building. The building was restored in 2007 and repurposed as the Archaeological Museum, which was attached to the Museum of Slavonia in 2012.

Magistrate building

The City Magistrate and Chamber Administration building is the oldest public building in Osijek, it was built in 1702 in the Baroque style. City Magistrate is the name for the old city hall, which was intended to be used by City Administration, Imperial Chamber, and police at that time. The building was built as a corner single storey building with four wings that enclose an internal courtyard. The building is open to the courtyard with massive wall arcades. Museum of Slavonia, of the Free Royal City of Osijek at the time, was founded in the City Administration building in 1877, and it is located there permanently since 1946. The address of the mentioned building is also the official address of the Museum.

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    I am researching for publication a book about the forestry industry in former Yugoslavia. I am interested to learn about the forestry business and railways operated by Graf Lorenz Jäger (from 1883?). Have you any information about this or could you tell me where I can best look? Is there a town archive in Osijek separate from your museum?

    Many thanks for any help you can give me.

  2. Greetings from New Hampshire to Slavonia.
    Dobar Dan. Can you please send me a postcard of your beautiful city Osijek. I collect postcards. Puno Hvala. Thank you. – Joska
    Josef Karlovich Meighy
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